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Brent Westover has been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for a decade. He specializes in couples’ therapy, family issues, parenting issues, moderate to severe depression and anxiety, suicidality, and trauma. Brent has been living in Tooele County for the last three years. He loves to spend time with his wonderful wife and four kids inside watching movies, and in the great outdoors. He also likes perusing Costco for free samples.

Summer Torrey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been enjoying work with adults and children for the past five years. She specializes in management of chronic health issues, trauma, suicidality, and mood. Originating on the east coast, she has worked her way westward pursuing new and different experiences. When not in the office she can usually be found anywhere with animals, and her favorite is the three-toed sloth.

Elyse Mackay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is experienced in working with adults, adolescents, and children dealing with a host of different issues in outpatient and intensive outpatient settings. Elyse specializes in working with trauma and PTSD, addiction, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other mood issues. She is experienced in working with people with disabilities and judicial involvement. She is affirming and welcoming of LGBTQ+ persons and people desiring counseling that is faith-based She has a holistic approach that integrates mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Elyse is passionate about working with people to overcome and thrive after all types of trauma and create the quality of life they deserve. Elyse is TF-CBT and ART certified and can provide services via telehealth. She is dedicated to providing an atmosphere where every client feels understood, valued and accepted.

Elyse enjoys continuing to study and learn as a therapist to provide the most value to her clients. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children, traveling, photography, and other creative projects.

Susan Watts is the Office and Billing Manager. Susan obtained her Medical Coding and Billing degree in 2011 from Broadview University in Michigan. Susan is credentialed through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and holds credentials in Medical Coding, Medical Billing. Susan has worked in Medical Coding, Billing, and Compliance for more than 15 years. When not in the office, Susan enjoys spending time reading a good book, and camping with her two girls while enjoying the outdoors.
Elaine Shrewsbury is a clinical social worker.
Karen Atkins is a clinical social worker.

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